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The Art of Dog Professional Photography. A dog walker walking down a tree lined path in dappled shade. She has 4 dogs walking beside her, looking attentive and happy.
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

A Day in the Life of a Professional Dog & People Photographer

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in front of the camera with all your furry clients? Join me as I take you through a day in the life of a professional dog and people photographer, showcasing the magic that happens during a Dog Walker Photoshoot.
We’ll see what happens during a session and how professional photography can benefit you, your profile & your business.

Our Pre-photoshoot Casual Chat – Getting to Know You

As we started walking, I had a good chat with every client. We’ll talk about the day-to-day experiences and the fun stories from all the dog-walking adventures. I want to get to know a bit more about you.
At this point, many people are a bit nervous about being the focus of the photos – a feeling many of us can relate to, including me! But I keep chatting about anything & everything, especially the dogs on the walk, so we can hopefully create a relaxed tone for the shoot.

Addressing Camera Shyness – Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere

So many people hate having their photo taken, so if this is you, I will chat about what makes you so nervous. It may be you have some body confidence issues, don’t know how to smile (teeth showing?), or maybe you hate posing.
My shoots are incredibly easy-going, focusing on capturing the natural YOU during the walk – no formal posing whatsoever!
The Art of Dog Photography photo of a dog walker looking very happy walking through a field

Heather, from Peover Paws, looks happy & relaxed during her shoot


Capturing the Real You – No Forced Smiles or Awkward Poses

As I mentioned, to keep things relaxed, there’d be no forced smiles or awkward “what do I do with my arms” moments – just you being yourself with the dogs.
I usually follow the familiar paths where you walk daily, aiming to capture the spontaneous and funny moments when you have a group of dogs that naturally happen during your walks.
The shoot is just a regular walk with the dogs, with me chatting away & blending into the background to capture you at work. It’s all about catching the joy in the ordinary moments, the smiles & the playful antics of the dogs.
The Art of dog Photography photo of a dog walker with 4 Cockapoos walking across afield looking happy.

Rach from The Cockapoo Crew, with 4 of her “Poos”

Your Interaction with the Dogs – Showcasing Your Bond with Them

During the walks, I want to capture that special bond you have with the dogs in your care. I look to show your genuine affection and understanding with each of them, showcasing a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.
The photoshoot will showcase you in your workplace, doing what you love to do!
The Art of Dog photography photo of a lady cuddling her golden retriever dog

Wendy from Shimmer & Leash Dog Walking Service cuddling one of her furry clients

The Joy of Outdoor, Natural Photography

Outdoor photography has its own charm, doesn’t it? We have the parks and fields serving as a natural canvas, a place familiar to you and the dogs.
It doesn’t really matter what the weather is like as long as we don’t get the rain! Each season brings its own beauty that we can work with – you don’t stop dog walking when the sun doesn’t shine, so we will embrace the great British weather, whatever it throws at us.  As long as the dogs are comfortable & enjoying themselves, the photos will be fab.

First Reactions to the Photos – Witnessing the Happiness

Most people’s reactions to my photos are one of the main reasons I love doing my job. They’re thrilled with the pics, seeing themselves smiling, laughing & naturally enjoying their day with the dogs.
The initial hesitation about the shoot seems a world away when you see the photos.
Here is some of the feedback I’ve received when clients have seen the photos
“Thank you so much for the photos! I’m so happy with them.” Heather, Peover Paws
“Love it! I loved this morning with you. They’re fantastic, Nicki xx” Wendy, ShimmerAndLeash
“You knew exactly how to get the best pictures of them (the dogs), and for someone who hates having her picture taken, you even managed a couple of me!” Laura

Boosting Your Business with Professional Photos – The Benefits!

How Professional Photos Can Elevate a Website’s Look

Having a set of professional photos can really give a website a lift, can’t it? The photos aren’t just pictures – dog & people photography will tell the story of your daily adventures with your furry clients, giving a personal touch to your website that phone or stock photos just can’t match.
You will look professional, too. Good branding photography will make you stand out. 
The Art of Dog Photography photo of a dog walkers logo on a fleece with several brightly colour leads round her neck

Fabulous Cockapoo Crew branding

Leaflets and Promotional Materials

When it comes to leaflets and other promotional stuff, having good quality commercial photography makes all the difference. You can use these photos to create materials such as leaflets or business cards that not only look great but also showcase the genuine, warm service you offer.

Social Media Boost

And let’s not forget social media. Professional photography is just the ticket for boosting your profile, showing current & potential clients the real moments you share with your dogs and a glimpse into the loving, fun atmosphere you create on her walks.


Reflecting on the Fun and Relaxed Photoshoots

All my clients, bar none, have had a great time on my photoshoots for dogs and their walkers. The photography sessions are usually filled with laughter, fun & happy dogs!
The Art of Dog Photography photograph of a Dachshund running through the grass

Pippa, a very happy client of Peover Paws Dog Walking Service

Encouraging Small Business Owners

– The Benefits of Professional Photography

For small pet business owners out there, professional photography can really showcase what you do in the best light. It’s about capturing the real you, doing what you love & sharing it with others.
If this is something you’d love to do but have not ventured forward yet, or if you know you need fab photos but hate having your picture taken, then please give me a shout!
I cover the North West of England, including Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Cheshire and surrounding areas.
My name is Nicki Cameron, a Professional Dog Photographer and Professional Portrait Photographer at The Art of Dog Photography
Photograph of Nicki Cameron from The art of Dog Photography. She is lying on the ground, on her side , taking a photo with a long lens

Here’s me taking photos of dogs!
Get in touch to book a photoshoot 😊


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