Overcome Camera Shyness: Why Small Dog Businesses Need Photos

Professional Photo of a Dog Trainer with a Miniature Dachshund & a Red Fox Labrador
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

Do you cringe at the thought of being photographed for your dog business?

Professional portrait photo of a young man looking thoughtful. Black & White Photography

That bloody camera lens! It’s like it has a magical power to make us suddenly think of every little thing we don’t like about ourselves.

So, if you’ve ever felt that way, you’re not alone. In today’s visual world, where personal branding is more important than ever, the idea of being the face of your business can feel daunting. 

I certainly felt that way and couldn’t get my head round why people needed to see me. I thought “Why can’t my work speak for itself? Why do I have to put myself out there?” 

Well the truth is, people connect with people. Your clients, especially in businesses that deal with the love of their lives, want to see the human behind the company.

But what if you’re one of the many who feel uncomfortable, self-conscious or even downright petrified at the thought of being photographed? 

Well, this blog post is for you. I’m going to be talking about the common concerns, the undeniable benefits & the ways we can make the experience not just bearable, but enjoyable.

🎤Every one of the quotes in this blog has come from a real person, unedited and raw.

Common Concerns

The list of reasons to avoid the camera is long & varied. From feeling unattractive to being totally camera shy, the concerns are real and relatable. Let’s look at some of the sentiments that people often share:

“Don’t feel like I look attractive and would need a full makeover.”

Well the good news is, you don’t need to be a supermodel to have a great business photo. Your clients are way more interested in your skills & personality than whether you look like Kate Moss or Bella Hadid!

Professional photo of a Dog Walker, with three dogs walking along a path
Wendy, the Dog Walker, just doing her job

“No, I hate it. I’m very self-conscious having my photo taken.”

Self-consciousness is a big one, isn’t it? I know, because I suffer from it too. 

But think about this – a photo captures a moment, not your worth. And with the right photographer, that moment can show you at your best!

“Umm… I hate my photo being taken as I am not photogenic.”

The term “photogenic” is a bit of a myth, if you ask me. In the right circumstances, with the a dash of confidence (which a good photographer like me can help you with), anyone can look great in photos.

The Importance of Showing the Face Behind the Business

You’ve probably heard the saying, “People buy from people.” It’s a simple & often used phrase but it’s true, especially for small businesses. 

Human Connection

“No I hate it! But it’s so important for people to see you these days! People want to see the person behind the business.”

In a world where we can buy just about anything with a click, what makes someone choose one business over another? 

Often, it’s the human connection. People like to know who they’re buying from, especially when it comes to services that are as personal as dog care.


Imagine you’re looking for a dog walker, a groomer or a trainer. Would you feel more comfortable handing over your adored dog to a faceless business or to someone you’ve seen and can relate to? 

Showing your face builds an immediate level of trust that a logo just can’t match.

Authenticity matters

Imagine you’re looking for a dog walker, a groomer or a trainer. Would you feel more comfortable handing over your adored dog to a faceless business or to someone you’ve seen and can relate to? 

Showing your face builds an immediate level of trust that a logo just can’t match.

It’s not all about you!

Yes, you might feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention but think about it this way – it’s more than just about you! It’s about your clients, your potential customer & your business. Your face represents your business, your values & the quality of service you provide.

Why Dogs Can’t Do All The Talking

“I rather have photos of my dogs and products.”

We all love good dog photos, don’t we? They melt our hearts & they’re often the stars of our social media feeds. But when it comes to your dog business, do they really tell the whole story?

Dogs can only convey so much

Nobody can disagree that dogs are the best things ever (or they’d better come & see me!) but they can’t shout out about YOU. They can’t tell potential clients how many years you’ve been in business, how good you are at what you do or why you’re the best choice for their needs.

Professional photo of a Dog Walker cuddling a Miniature Dachshund. Outdoor Photography

The human element

Whilst a photo of a happy, smiling dog can attract attention & convey a sense of joy & care, it’s missing the human part of the equation. Who’s responsible for that happiness? Who provided the care, the training, the walking? 

That’s where you come in. Your presence in your businesses’ photos adds a layer trust that a dog just can’t provide.

Think of it this way – dogs are the cherry on the top but you’re the cake, the substance. And together, you make a complete picture that tells a compelling story about your business.

An emotional connection

Dogs are great at forming emotional connections but so are YOU. When potential clients see you interacting with dogs, it adds another layer of depth to your business rather than seeing the dogs on their own. 

It shows your love for what you do & that can be a powerful attraction & motivator for someone to choose you rather than your competitor.

So while your dogs might be social media gold, remember that they’re only part of the picture. For your business to truly stand out from the crowd, you need to step into the spotlight as well.

Overcoming Self Consciousness

The old saying goes that the camera never lies & maybe that’s why we feel so awkward about being in front of it. But there are ways we can make the experience more comfortable. 

Most of my clients have absolutely loved the experience of a photoshoot, even when they started out feeling very self conscious.


Ever notice how you forget about how you look when you’re doing something you love? The same principle applies to photography so we need to find a distraction. Thankfully we have them to hand! 🐾

“I am often self-conscious when having my photo taken, though not as much if I am doing something or with our dogs.”

Imagine being photographed while you’re doing what you do best – maybe while you’re training a dog or during a grooming session. Your focus shifts from you to the activity making you feel less in the full glare of the lens.

Your dogs will also make you smile & laugh – that’s when I can capture the natural you!

Professional Photography

“Sorry I don’t really like having my photo taken but would with a professional photographer.”

A skilled photographer won’t tell you to “say cheese” unless they’re having a laugh with you – they’ll guide you through the process, helping you to make you look your best.

Preparation for a photoshoot

Nervous or anxious?

A bit of preparation can go a long way. Maybe it’s wearing your business uniform, adding a touch of make-up or getting your hair cut. Small confidence boosters can make a big difference.

And, I will have talked you through everything you can expect from the photoshoot so there’s no surprises there.

A shift in mindset

At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective. Instead of seeing the camera something you hate, think of it as a means to an end – a process to go through that’ll help you connect with people who will love your services. It’s not about how you look – it’s about visibility & getting 👀 on your business.

It’s an opportunity to show potential clients who you are and what you’re passionate about. And who knows, we might even have some fun along the way!

The benefits of professional photography

You might be thinking why can’t I just snap a few pics with my phone? Phone cameras are brilliant these days & the picture quality is fab.

But while smartphones have come a long way, there’s still a huge difference between a selfie & a professionally taken photograph. Sure, selfies have their place in your marketing but when you really need to up your game, there’s nothing to compare to a quality image.

Photo of a Dog Walker and a black Spaniel walking in Autumn

Quality over quantity

In the age of Instagram, we’re all drowning in photos that all look the same. 

What would make yours stand out? The quality (and YOU!)

A professional photographer knows it’s not just about capturing your face – it’s about capturing the core of you & your business.


In the age of Instagram & Facebook, we’re all drowning in photos that all look the same. 

What would make yours stand out? The quality. 

A professional photographer knows it’s not just about capturing your face – it’s about capturing the core of you & your business.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.

I can capture moments that convey your passion, your expertise & your unique approach to your dog business. There may be many many others in your line of work, but your dog business is unique because you are unique – we need to tell YOUR story.


Think about all the places you can use these photos – your website, social media, flyers, business cards, banners, advertisements – the list goes on.

Investing in professional photography gives you a set of high-quality images that you can use across various platforms for years to come.

Confidence boost

Nicki knew exactly how to get the best pictures of them (the dogs) and for someone who hates having her picture taken, she even managed a couple of me!

Don’t underestimate the power of a great photo to boost your self-esteem. When you see yourself captured at your best, it can be a real confidence builder. And when you’re confident, it shines through in everything you do.


So we’ve talked about the fears, explored the brilliant benefits & even discussed how to make the experience not just bearable, but enjoyable. 

The bottom line? Your face is part of your business, whether you like it or not. And it’s worth showing it off!

Photo of a Professional Dog Walker with her dogs. Outdoor Photography

If you’ve been on the fence about stepping in front of the camera, I hope this blog post has given you the nudge you need to give me a call. 

Ready to take the plunge? I’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to me through various channels:

So, think about your business and step in front of my lens!

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