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Location on a beach with a Dog jumping after a ball
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

What is a Good Location for a Dog Photoshoot

Always learning! Pet Photography is an open book and that’s why it continues to fascinate me after so many years. 

There’s always new techniques, genres and styles to learn and new dog photography ideas to come across. I’m based on the outskirts of Manchester & Cheshire so my locations to practice my craft are diverse & interesting from countryside, to villages to urban dog photography.

I’ve recently enrolled on a course called Embark, which is challenging my perceptions of dog photography locations. The aim of the course, with 12 different modules, is to make me think of new styles, new places and new poses – all of which might take me out of my comfort zone and usual style of photography.

There are pet photographers from all over the world taking part and the standard of images is epic. Some of the locations are absolutely spectacular but as I travel throughout the UK taking dog pictures, some of the scenery is simply stunning too.

Up Ups

The current module is called Up Ups and the brief is to capture a great shot of your subject up on something – all four paws or just their front paws. As long as they are elevated on an object, off the ground. 

dog with two paws in the air running in the surf.

This is a style I’ve used previously, with dogs on log piles, on benches or on lone rocks. But it’s great to concentrate the mind so over a couple of weeks I’ve been walking round my locality scouting for Up Up opportunities.


I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous dog models who can form part of my Commercial Dog Photography portfolio.

Just recently, I came across a stunning young Border Collie called Jet. He caught my eye because he had wonky ears! One up & one down.

I arranged a dog photoshoot with Jet and his lovely human parent, Jemma. Jet is an early bird which suits me just fine so we met at 6am on our local Common.

The Photoshoot

The sun was already out so some shade was essential both for my photography and for Jet’s wellbeing. Shooting in bright sunshine isn’t ideal, especially with a black dog.

Jet has the typical Border Collie behaviour and look. Very energetic, alert and intelligent with an athletic, sleek build. My kind of dog!

Jemma brought along a range of balls to keep his attention and focus. Luckily, she’s trained him well, always making him learn new tricks, poses and commands. Within a few minutes, she’d taught him to put two paws up on a log, albeit for a nano second! However I was ready for him & captured him for my Up Up submission.

After that, I couldn’t resist taking some action shots of this fabulous dog. The dew was spraying up as he ran and his breath was misty in the early morning light. I caught him with the light behind him, producing a backlit photo with all his fur fringed in the morning sun.


So I got my Up Ups photo. I’m happy with that intense Collie stare. Or should I submit the cheeky one of Bobby, the characterful Yorkshire Terrier?

Photoshoot of a Border Collie staring directly into the camera.

I’m Nicki Cameron, dog photographer. My company is The Art of Dog Photography and my website is www.theartofdog.co.uk

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