Hate having your Photo Taken? I have the solution…

Hate having your photo taken? Ownere with her Dachshund Dog wearing a collar with it's owner
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

Hate having your Photo Taken? I have the solution…

Hate having your photo taken? 

You’re not alone! 

Nearly 60% of us suffer from camera shyness, disliking having a photo taken, whether it’s a posed one or just a simple selfie. 

We can feel so awkward and forget how to smile. Mouth open & we look crazed, mouth shut & we look like a rabbit in headlights. 

And our hands! What the hell do we do with those? 

Do we stand straight on, looking at the camera? Or adopt a more jaunty side look, glancing across our shoulder? 

Then, because we’re already apprehensive and feeling stressed, we take the worst photo ever. 

All these things to think about! If only it came naturally….

But do you need Great Personal Branding Photography for your Business?

Great photography will certainly attract your ideal clients and grow your business.

Second-rate and stock photography won’t. 

In fact, it might well put them off. Would you buy from a  business that displays dull & blurry images or recognisable photos that have been used hundreds of times before?

In today’s highly visible world, quality personal images speak volumes and allow you & your business to make an impact by standing out from the crowd. 

But that’s a dilemma. 

You know you need great photos, but how can you get them if you hate having your photo taken…

So, what is modern branding photography? 

Since the pandemic, business has changed. We’ve got used to seeing people at home on Zoom, and suit & ties are fading

We don’t want to see corporate photos of logos or of suited, serious business people any more. 

You know that clients buy from people they know, like and trust, so they want to see you, the authentic you.

People are naturally nosy and love seeing the person you really are behind the business. They get a feel of who you are and what your values are about.

But, there is the dilemma…..

You hate having Personal Photography done, but you know you need those images!

So, my solution is a simple & effective one. It works. 

Tried & tested. 

If you don’t have to pose in any way, you don’t have to look at the camera and you’re so distracted that you hardly notice I’m taking pictures, would this solve your dilemma? 


Your hands will be doing what they do naturally, your face will have a lovely smile & your body positioning will just go with the flow. 

So there’s no stress, no apprehension, no anxiety. 

No dilemma…

Photoshoots with dogs are the answer.

Having a brand photoshoot with your dog is the solution. 

Not only will your customers get to know the person behind the business with behind-the-scenes shots, headshots, team pictures, and lifestyle images of you at leisure, you & your business in situ etc; but this sort of visual storytelling connects and engages at a much deeper and personal level. 

We all buy with our emotions, so the more relatable, familiar and human you become, the more effective your marketing strategy will be.

  • Engagement on social media posts will rocket
  • There will be more eyes on your business because we all love dog content
  • People remember dogs better than they remember humans, so you’ll be the person who springs to mind when your ideal client is thinking about your service or product.
  • Your website & brochures will be more appealing and welcoming instead of corporate.

Dachshund Dog wearing a collar with it's owner

So, how is your dilemma solved?

Dogs are a wonderful distraction.

Let me tell you about my 1-2-1 Dog Photo Walk with Laura & her two mini Dachshunds, Richmond & Daisy.

Laura hates having her photo taken, so at first, we concentrated on capturing her two rascals. We chatted as we walked and had a tremendous amount of fun and laughter as Richmond headed for the nearest muddy bog and then went on a squirrel hunt!

Laura was very relaxed and got used to the camera being around. Here’s what she had to say about our morning together :

“The best experience for any dog lover!! 

I had the pleasure of joining Nicki for a 121 dog walk with my two pups, Richmond and Daisy. What is it they say? Never work with animals or dogs?

Well, Nicki made the whole experience easy! Richmond and Daisy were at ease with her, and she had the patience of a saint. She knew exactly how to get the best pictures of them and for someone who hates having her picture taken, she even managed a couple of me! 

I would HIGHLY recommend her, a brilliant morning out with some amazing memories captured.”

So if, like me, you hate having your photograph taken but know you need some professional photos for your business that will be a magnet for your ideal client, then book a shoot with The Art of Dog Photograph, bring along your dog and solve your dilemma.

How to work with me for a Personal Branding Shoot

I’m Nicki Cameron, a professional people & dog photographer with The Art of Dog Photography near Manchester. 

I cover the UK for personal and business branding photoshoots

You can get in touch through any of my social media channels, my website or by email nicki.cameron@theartofdog.co.uk