Frequently Asked Questions 

All You Need to Know about your Dog Photography Photoshoot

Can my dog stay on a lead during the photography session?

Absolutely! With magic of editing, I can make your lead disappear! A long lead would be good so your dog can move freely – if you don’t have one, don’t worry because I do.

Can you photograph my dog even if he/she isn’t well trained?

Absolutely! I’ve worked with dogs for 20 years and am experienced in working with dogs at any level of training. With lots of patience & good timing, we can get that perfect shot.

My dog is nervous, young, reactive, bonkers, anxious, old….Can you still take photos of him/her?

One of the benefits of having a dog-specific photographer is our ability to work with dogs of all ages, behaviours, dispositions, sizes & shapes & get the best out of them. 

I adapt to each individual dog’s circumstances and make the sessions fun and relaxed so your dog is happy and comfortable.

I can camera shy dogs to look at me and hyper-active dogs to pose for that all-important nano-second!

Which location is best for our dog photoshoot?

I‘ll shoot at whatever location suits your dog and your business the best.

Your dog might be comfortable at your local park or love swimming in the nearby river. Perhaps they adore romping through the countryside or checking out a forest. City locations can produce stunning images. Or maybe at your place of work.

We will discuss this at our initial consultation.

What time of the day is best for our dog photography session?

Excellent lighting is a Professional Dog Photographers friend, so Photoshoots are best in the early morning or late afternoon/evening, depending on the weather & the season.

More urban-style photography can be magical at other times of the day too.

I’ve booked a dog photoshoot. What happens if it rains?

How often have the best laid plans been scuttled by the weather!

However, with the exception of heavy rain, extremes of weather can often result in amazing photos.

But if rain is a possibility, we’ll keep an eye on the forecast, track the radar and liaise with you about the shoot going ahead on the planned date & time.

If we postpone the shoot, it won’t cost you a penny.

What happens on the day of our dog photography session?

You might want your dog to be perfectly  groomed or maybe not. Whatever suits you and your dog best. My only request is that we can see the dog’s eyes as much as possible as they’re the window to the soul. Bring along anything you think your dog will like such as their favourite treats, ball and toys.

Let’s celebrate your dog in all her/his glory! After getting to know your dog for a few minutes and letting them have a sniff we’ll take a variety of photos. No strict poses, just your dog being themselves. 

I’ll need your help, so be prepared to have some fun!