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Stunning Brand Photography –

The Key to Showcasing Your Dog Business

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Pet Professionals

Stunning Brand Photography:  

The Key to Showcasing your Dog Business

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Growing Your Business Through Powerful Photography and the Stories You Create for Your Clients

“I am a photographer with a deep understanding of both dogs and running a small dog business (I had my own dog walking company for nearly 20 years!). So with decades of experience both behind the camera and with dogs of all kinds, I’m all about getting those perfect but natural shots that say, “This is who we are and what we do.”  –  Nicki
Having a professional photoshoot is an investment in your business’s future so don’t think you have to wait until you’re established or bigger. If you’re just starting out, are a micro business or don’t ‘think’ you have the budget ( because you’ve got the perception that having a photoshoot is really expensive), then NOW is the right time.

The Advantages of Professional Photography

Establish Trust: High-quality images project a professional image, instilling confidence in potential clients from the first glance. If you look the part, people will buy into you.

Capture Attention: Professional photographs are eye-catching and can make prospective clients stop the scroll and take notice.

Strengthen Your Brand: You might not think you have a brand other than your logo or your uniform. But your brand is YOU and the story that you convey to your clients. Consistent, high-quality images contribute to the storytelling of what you do and what the values are in your business.

Authentic & Relatable: People buy from people and basically we’re nosy – we love to see the person behind the business. Professional photos will capture the genuine care and love of dogs in your services, which connects with clients on both a personal and emotional level.

Grow Your Business: Compelling photography can be a key factor in a client’s decision to choose your services over others. Think about when you’re buying something online – do you choose the product that’s the same as all the others, shown in blurred and dark images or do you plump for the product that’s displayed in a beautifully composed, sharp & interesting photo, appealing to your emotions?

A woman smiling, seated beside a golden retriever in front of an old brick wall and a rustic black door. She wears a black hoodie and brown boots, embodying a scene of powerful photography.
A woman walks with four dogs of varying sizes and breeds on a sunlit path surrounded by trees in a brand photography session.

Camera Shy?


Don’t think you’re photogenic?

Love to hide behind the dogs?

You’re not alone. These are real worries.

You know you need photos for your business to stand out and look professional.  People buy from people and as much as we all love looking at pics of dogs, we need to see that person who cares for them.

Well, taking photos of people who hate being in front of the lens, especially women, is my speciality.

Professional photo of a dog trainer and his Labrador in front of Bramall Hall, Cheshire

Nicki’s approach on the day is relaxed and she makes you extremely comfortable and you don’t realise you’re being snapped, which means you get the most organic and natural images

Janey Baker

@Make Fetch Happen Dog Training

Your Investment

I’m well aware that one of the major factors in Small Dog Businesses not taking the next step with Professional Photography is the thought of the cost when budgets are tight.

However, my Mini Brand Photoshoot is a one-hour Session that’s accessible and affordable to even the smallest of businesses, giving a diverse portfolio of 10 professional images that can tell the story of your business @ £245

My Half-Day Session lasts for three hours and goes more in-depth into your business, covering different locations, wardrobe changes, team pics, headshots etc – offering thirty fully edited, professional photos @ £525

I provide on-site photography at your business location, capturing the natural interactions and happiness of the dogs you work with.

Outdoor and on-location Photography Sessions

Candid photos of daily operations and interactions (no posing whatsoever!)

Personality-filled portraits of you, your team, and the dogs in your care.

Professional edited images for websites, social media, leaflets, brochures, business cards, van wraps etc.

Photo of a Dog Groomer giving a client - a red Cockapoo - a cuddle

If you are ready to showcase your business and connect with clients in a meaningful way, I am here to help. Let’s have a 15 minute no-obligation chat by phone or zoom so I can answer all of your questions.