Do Boring Accountants need a Re-brand?

Female Accountants are not boring - image of an Accountant and her pet dog Labrador walking in woodland during the autumn. dog jumping for the ball
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Do Boring Accountants need a re-Brand?

Or is boring an old-fashioned misconception that has followed the profession for decades?

What did an accountant look like?

accountant cartoon character with the words taxes on a tax form

The images of an accountant that spring to mind are of a white, bespectacled, middle aged man in a grey suit sat behind a desk piled high with papers. Calculator in hand, hidden away in a stuffy grey office, immersed in figures, crunching numbers all day long.

The traditional bean counter, telling us whether we’ve made a profit or not.

Modern Accountancy

With the advances in technology and the complex software programmes available today, accountancy looks very different. More strategy and advisory with a personal approach.

Despite being ranked as the fifth most boring profession, the people in the industry are as diverse in personality as any other and financial services are looking to shake off that traditionalist image.

In the past, accountancy has been a male dominated space, however today, women represent approximately half of all people in financial services.

Of course, accountants still have great attention to detail and re meticulous in their work.

 However, the role requires spending a lot of time dealing with people from all areas of life so people skills are paramount.

Accountants and Corporate Style Photography

When I look on LinkedIn and on accountancy websites, most of the profile shots of accountants and those in the financial industry follow the same formula. They’re in a corporate style, showing a half smile, side on pose and a blank background. Accountants are supposed to be serious, right?

10 years ago, this style of photo was the norm. Stiff, posed, suit & tie photos, designed to show the classic accountant persona. Highly responsible, capable of handling our money, steady and reliable.

However, post-pandemic, the world has moved on and the corporate-style of image is no longer as popular as it was. Maybe our politicians have had a hand in our increased wariness of the suit and tie contingent.

Working from home for part or whole of the week is the new norm and with that has come a change in both attitude and attire.

More and more, people are looking to connect with the real person behind the suit. We hear a lot about the authentic self, the real you, the individual behind the business. The old phrase ‘people do business with people they know, like & trust” has never been more true.

The Modern Accountant and Personal Branding

Both headshot and website photography is changing to reflect the person behind the business rather than “The Suit”.

The formal style is being ditched in favour of photography that highlights individual personalities, showing how approachable, confident and friendly you are.

These photos show more of the environment you live and work in, giving background detail to your life fostering feelings of trust.

Instead of the wooden, dull-as-ditchwater and outdated images, these modern, fresh and vibrant photos will show you in the best light and make you stand out.

When a prospective client has a positive and relatable first impression, those feelings of likeability linger long in the mind.

Using your Dog as a Magnet to draw in your ideal client

Accountancy and financial services can be a difficult business to make sexy and to get eye balls on your business. With attention spans getting shorter, you need to make an instant visual impact on your socials, website and marketing materials.

So, if you want to ditch the corporate look, build an individual, approachable personal brand and stand out from your competitors, my images of you & your dog will make you more relatable, more memorable and more recognisable.

Professional Dog & People Photographer

woman and her pet dog Labrador walking in woodland during the autumn. dog jumping for the ball

Lifestyle photos, headshots, team images and behind the scenes photos with your dog can make that difference to stop someone scrolling past.

As an accountant, you’ll like this!

A photoshoot could be tax deductible!!

Professional photography for personal or business branding is an advertising expense. And, as an added bonus, you could end up with a wonderful portrait of your dog to hang in the office or at home.

woman kneeling on the a flower bed holding her pet dog

The Art of Dog Photography – Professional Dog & people Photographer 

I’m Nicki Cameron & I cover the UK for personal & Business Branding Shoots and for  Dog Wall Art for the Workplace.